Pass the Flag

Our #passtheflag project is an earnest attempt to better connect the KE community. We wanted to reignite the magic of the original flag. We decided to make another flag, one-of-a-kind and bigger and badder than the first. Thus the white flag was born: twice the size, inverted color scheme, and funky quilted letters.

Since September of 2014 the big flag has been traveling from caretaker to caretaker. When the flag left our hands we forfeited control of the project. We are all a part of this project and we all play a part in where the flag lands next.


The best way to get involved with the project is to track our hashtag #passtheflag and stay up to date with the flag's current location. If its near you, feel free to reach out to the current caretaker.



Pass the Flag Participants!

  • Justin Posey (@loveinjustin) - Shreveport, LA
  • Jeff Crain (@jeff.Crain) - Atlanta, GA
  • Naomi Ann (@naomi4nn) - AB, Canada
  • Kelly and Maya (@kellylessard / @mayagenevieve) - Edmonton, AB Canada
  • Nathan Merrell (@nathanmerrell) - Princeton, BC Canada
  • Emily Jo (@ehodgson_08) - Mission, BC Canada