About Us

In 2013 we had no idea how to sew, but we came up with the idea of a big red flag to help us highlight our adventurous spirit. So we bought a bunch of mismatched red fabrics, drew a logo, and patched together the very first Keep Exploring flag.

We took road trips up and down the California coast back to Dallas (our hometown), finding more and more opportunities to slow down and snap a picture with the flag. We posted those pictures and people wanted flags of their own.

Then the oh shit moment: We needed to actually learn how to sew. We learned on the fly, started printing t-shirts, getting water bottles, and Keep Exploring as you know it was born. We’ve since partnered with new people who share our passion, and want to see Keep Exploring reach more everyday explorers around the world.

Keep Exploring started with the belief that the only requirement for entry to be an explorer was a the love for what’s unique, and a willingness to do something—anything. That’s why with Keep Exploring you’ll find an eclectic mix of folks from mountain climbers to Sunday Fun-Day adventurers whose common bond is the need to stand out, not blend in, with their natural and social surroundings. We give you the uniform and the thumbs up that say “go for it” (oh, and a flag to mark your territory). We also make clothes that are affordable so people can still have money to explore after they buy everything they need to do it. 

Why adopt this mindset? Because the Keep Exploring mantra turned sewing on our dorm room floor into 1,300 flags across 43 countries, and the Keep Exploring mantra can apply to so much more. So please, please, please: Whether you choose to buy something from our store or not, Keep Exploring. 



The Keep Exploring Team



  • Respect your fellow explorer—regardless of skillset, economic or social standing. The red and white are symbols of unity. Everyone’s invited.
  • Respect the environment—leave wherever you are better than how you found it. Don’t litter the ground, and don’t litter the air by blasting Lil Pump really loud at your campsite.
  • Be real—we’re not all Bear Grylls, and that’s totally cool. Showcase your version of exploration, and if you aren’t sure what your looking at is poison ivy or not, don’t worry: an everyday explorer will have your back.