Summer Explorer Survival Guide: Seven things you need to be a totally prepared adventurer.

At Keep Exploring, we provide the flags, tees, water bottles, stickers, patches, lunch boxes, and anything else you need to look your best when out in your beloved nature. But we realize we can’t do it all. The true explorer keeps a diverse, rotating collection of cool apparel, gadgets, and oddities. With that spirit in mind, to take your travels up a notch this summer, we’ve got a few products just for you. Some are ours, some are just products we’re fans of, but all are designed to help you have an unbelievable summer of adventure.

fourth of july lawn loungers explorer tshirt

Lawn Lounger Tee
SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!!!! For all the lawn loungers that need a killer tee to show off how they spend their off days.

Now that you have all your gear, you need somewhere to go. Check out Roadtrippers to plan your trip and get going this summer!


inflatable car mattress in back seat of car
Inflatable Car Bed
If you wanna live the van life but you don’t quite have the funds (or skill) to convert an entire van, find a little space to catch some Zzzzs in your car. But you’ll need a bed. As usual, Wal-Mart has you covered with this inflatable car bed.

roll of camouflage toilet paper for camping

Camo Toilet Paper
This one is for those over-prepared campers. If you don’t want your toilet paper stolen, you’re gonna need it to blend it with its surroundings. Personally, we recommend camo toilet paper.

Rest Area Map
If you’re not ready to shell out $6 for some toilet paper, check out this map of rest areas in the USA.

mini handheld espresso maker pouring coffee in the mountains by a lake
Portable Espresso Maker
Get going bright and early with a morning shot of espresso no matter where you wake up. It requires no electricity or compressed air, all you need is some water, some coffee and enough energy to make it in the morning.

portable washing bag for keeping clothes clean while camping
Scrubba Wash Bag
Never be caught smelling like the sweaty wilderness again. Now you can wash your clothes wherever you are.

By no means is this list exhaustive, so we’d love to know what other oddities and helpful hand tools are out there. Drop us a line at to keep us up to date, safe and excited this summer.

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