It's National Park Week: Beware of Trolls

We love our National Parks: our beautiful, majestic, historic National Parks which took millions of years to form just so we could all go to Yosemite and take selfies with the perfect caption and #elcapitan.

So you can imagine our shock and horror when we were looking up some information on where to go at Zion National Park on Yelp, and one-star reviews like “I don't no appreciate how we were treated by Ranger Rick at the ticket booth (weekend cop needs to chill)” and, “My guess is the people that love this place never get out much.”

Come to find out reviews such as those of Zion are a common thing:

  • Grand Canyon: “Whoopity do, Grand Canyon. You are a giant hole in the ground.”
  • Yosemite: There are bears in Yosemite. They practice breaking into cars. Do you want a bear to break into your car? STAY AWAY!”
  • Mount Rainier: “I have seen bigger mountains.”

We have a hunch that many of these one-star reviews are the work of trolls: those that poorly review the world's natural wonders for LOL's.

National Park T shirts

In the spirit of National Park Week, we decided to have some LOL’s of our own while also paying homage to the National Parks we all love so much. So it’s time to meet our Explorified versions of classic National Parks tees. We’ve started off with some of the most popular parks: Yosemite, Arches, The Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Death Valley, and Sequoia. From Arches to Zion, we’ve got you covered.

Meet our new collection of semi-accurate, 50% sarcastic, 100% cotton National Park Tees. Now available for pre-order. Get yours here:

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